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I — Property, class Box2D.Collision.Shapes.b2MassData
I — Constant Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.InputKey
IAnimatedObject — Interface, package com.pblabs.engine.core
This interface should be implemented by objects that need to perform actions every frame.
ICachingLayer — Interface, package com.pblabs.rendering2D
Interface for a scene layer which does caching and needs to know when a renderer has changed its state.
ICopyPixelsRenderer — Interface, package com.pblabs.rendering2D
This interface is implemented by objects that support a fast bitmap render path.
id — Property, class Box2D.Collision.ClipVertex
id — Property, class Box2D.Collision.b2ContactPoint
id — Property, class Box2D.Collision.b2ManifoldPoint
id — Property, class Box2D.Dynamics.Contacts.b2ContactResult
id — Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
The id of this bulkLoader instance
id — Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.loadingtypes.LoadingItem
The id this item was assigned.
ID — Constant Static Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
A String to be used to identify an item to load, can be used in any method that fetches content (as the key parameters), stops, removes and resume items.
IEntity — Interface, package com.pblabs.engine.entity
Game objects in PBE are referred to as entities.
IEntityComponent — Interface, package com.pblabs.engine.entity
A component in PBE is used to define specific pieces of functionality for game entities.
ILayerMouseHandler — Interface, package com.pblabs.rendering2D
Implemented by layers which do their own entities-under-point logic.
ILogAppender — Interface, package com.pblabs.engine.debug
IMachine — Interface, package com.pblabs.components.stateMachine
Base interface for a finite state machine.
image — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.ImageResource
Once the resource has succesfully loaded, this contains a Bitmap representing the loaded image.
image — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.spritesheet.SpriteSheetComponent
The image resource to use for this sprite sheet.
imageData — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.spritesheet.SpriteSheetComponent
The bitmap data of the loaded image.
IMAGE_EXTENSIONS — Static Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
List of file extensions that will be automagically use a Loader object for loading.
imageFilename — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.spritesheet.SpriteSheetComponent
The filename of the image to use for this sprite sheet.
ImageResource — class, package com.pblabs.engine.resource
This is a Resource subclass for image data.
ImageScreen — class, package com.pblabs.screens
Simple screen to display an image.
ImageScreen(image:String) — Constructor, class com.pblabs.screens.ImageScreen
See class description.
IMobileSpatialObject2D — Interface, package com.pblabs.rendering2D
Interface that provides mobile spatial information.
_incidentEdge — Property, class Box2D.Collision.Features
incidentEdge — Property, class Box2D.Collision.Features
_incidentVertex — Property, class Box2D.Collision.Features
incidentVertex — Property, class Box2D.Collision.Features
incrementReferenceCount() — method, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.Resource
Increments the number of references to the resource.
indentAmount — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.debug.Profiler
info(method:String, message:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.debug.Logger
info(reporter:any, method:String, message:String) — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.debug.Logger
Prints an info message to the log.
INFO — Constant Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.debug.LogColor
INFO — Constant Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.debug.LogEntry
Entry type given to warnings.
init — Event, class br.com.stimuli.loading.loadingtypes.LoadingItem
Dispatched when the ImageItem (swf or image) has inited.
init() — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.debug.Console
Internal initialization, this will get called on its own.
init() — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.ui.PBScrollBar
initialize(name:String, alias:String) — method, interface com.pblabs.engine.core.IPBObject
initializes the PBObject, optionally assigning it a name.
initialize(name:String, alias:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.PBObject
initialize(data:any) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.DataResource
initializes the resource with data from a byte array.
initialize(data:any) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.ImageResource
initialize(d:any) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.MP3Resource
initialize(data:any) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.Resource
initializes the resource with data from a byte array.
initialize(data:any) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.SWFResource
initialize(data:any) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.XMLResource
The data loaded from an XML file is just a string containing the xml itself, so we don't need any special loading.
Initialize(broadPhase:Box2D.Collision:b2BroadPhase, callback:Box2D.Collision:b2PairCallback) — method, class Box2D.Collision.b2PairManager
Initialize(pos:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Vec2, r:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Mat22) — method, class Box2D.Common.Math.b2XForm
Initialize(b1:Box2D.Dynamics:b2Body, b2:Box2D.Dynamics:b2Body, anchor1:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Vec2, anchor2:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Vec2) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2DistanceJointDef
Initialize(b1:Box2D.Dynamics:b2Body, b2:Box2D.Dynamics:b2Body, anchor:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Vec2, axis:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Vec2) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2PrismaticJointDef
Initialize(b1:Box2D.Dynamics:b2Body, b2:Box2D.Dynamics:b2Body, ga1:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Vec2, ga2:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Vec2, anchor1:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Vec2, anchor2:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Vec2, r:Number) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2PulleyJointDef
Initialize(b1:Box2D.Dynamics:b2Body, b2:Box2D.Dynamics:b2Body, anchor:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Vec2) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2RevoluteJointDef
initialized(document:Object, id:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.mxml.GroupReference
initialized(document:Object, id:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.mxml.LevelFileReference
initialized(document:Object, id:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.mxml.ResourceBinding
initialized(document:Object, id:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.mxml.TypeReference
initializeFromBitmapDataArray(bitmaps:Array) — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.spritesheet.SpriteSheetComponent
From an array of BitmapDatas, initialize the sprite sheet, ignoring divider + filename.
initializeManagers() — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.PBE
InitializeRegisters() — Static Method , class Box2D.Dynamics.Contacts.b2Contact
initializeScene(view:com.pblabs.rendering2D.ui:IUITarget, sceneName:String, sceneClass:Class, spatialManagerClass:Class, sceneAlignment:com.pblabs.rendering2D:SceneAlignment) — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.PBE
Helper function to set up a basic scene using default Rendering2D classes.
initialPosition — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.Interpolated2DMoverComponent
Sets our position and goalPosition to the same value, useful for setting up initial state.
initialRotation — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.Interpolated2DMoverComponent
Sets our rotation and goalRotation to the same value, useful for setting up initial state.
InitPositionConstraints() — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2Joint
InitVelocityConstraints(step:Box2D.Dynamics:b2TimeStep) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Contacts.b2ContactSolver
InitVelocityConstraints(step:Box2D.Dynamics:b2TimeStep) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2DistanceJoint
InitVelocityConstraints(step:Box2D.Dynamics:b2TimeStep) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2GearJoint
InitVelocityConstraints(step:Box2D.Dynamics:b2TimeStep) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2Joint
InitVelocityConstraints(step:Box2D.Dynamics:b2TimeStep) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2MouseJoint
InitVelocityConstraints(step:Box2D.Dynamics:b2TimeStep) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2PrismaticJoint
InitVelocityConstraints(step:Box2D.Dynamics:b2TimeStep) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2PulleyJoint
InitVelocityConstraints(step:Box2D.Dynamics:b2TimeStep) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2RevoluteJoint
InPoints(w:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Vec2, points:Array, pointCount:int) — Static Method , class Box2D.Collision.b2Distance
_input — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.debug.LogViewer
InputKey — class, package com.pblabs.engine.core
Enumeration class that maps friendly key names to their key code equivalent.
InputKey(keyCode:int) — Constructor, class com.pblabs.engine.core.InputKey
_inputManager — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.PBE
inputManager — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.PBE
Returns the InputManager instance.
InputManager — class, package com.pblabs.engine.core
The input manager wraps the default input events produced by Flash to make them more game friendly.
InputManager() — Constructor, class com.pblabs.engine.core.InputManager
InputMap — class, package com.pblabs.engine.core
This class wraps the InputManager to allow for better control over input events.
InRange(aabb:Box2D.Collision:b2AABB) — method, class Box2D.Collision.b2BroadPhase
_inScene — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectRenderer
INSERT — Constant Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.InputKey
instance — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.LevelManager
The singleton LevelManager instance.
instance — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.SchemaGenerator
The singleton instance.
instance — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.provider.EmbeddedResourceProvider
The singleton instance of the resource manager.
instance — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.provider.FallbackResourceProvider
The singleton instance of the resource manager.
instance — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.serialization.Serializer
Gets the singleton instance of the Serializer class.
instance — Static Property, class com.pblabs.screens.ScreenManager
instantiate(className:String, suppressError:Boolean) — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.serialization.TypeUtility
Creates an instance of a type based on its name.
instantiateEntity(name:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.TemplateManager
Creates an instance of an object with the specified name.
instantiateEntityFromXML(xml:XML) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.TemplateManager
Given an XML literal, construct a valid entity from it.
instantiateGroup(name:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.TemplateManager
instantiates all templates or entities referenced by the specified group.
interpolate(start:any, end:any, time:Number) — method, class com.pblabs.animation.Animator
Performs the actual animation.
interpolate(start:any, end:any, time:Number) — method, class com.pblabs.animation.PointAnimator
Interpolated2DMoverComponent — class, package com.pblabs.rendering2D
A simple spatial component which moves towards a goal point and heading.
_interpolationFactor — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.ProcessManager
interpolationFactor — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.ProcessManager
Used to determine how far we are between ticks.
INVALID — Constant Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.InputKey
invalidate(dirtyRenderer:com.pblabs.rendering2D:DisplayObjectRenderer) — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectScene
invalidate(dirtyRenderer:com.pblabs.rendering2D:DisplayObjectRenderer) — method, interface com.pblabs.rendering2D.ICachingLayer
A renderer has changed its state/appearance/position and needs to be redrawn.
invalidate(dirtyRenderer:com.pblabs.rendering2D:DisplayObjectRenderer) — method, interface com.pblabs.rendering2D.IScene2D
Indicates that a renderer has changed, and must be redrawn.
invalidateRectangle(dirty:flash.geom:Rectangle) — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectScene
invalidateRectangle(dirty:flash.geom:Rectangle) — method, interface com.pblabs.rendering2D.ICachingLayer
A region of the scene has become dirty and needs to be redrawn.
invalidateRectangle(dirty:flash.geom:Rectangle) — method, interface com.pblabs.rendering2D.IScene2D
Just like invalidate, but indicates a specific region in scene coordinates.
inv_dt — Property, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2TimeStep
inverseScale — Property, class com.pblabs.box2D.Box2DManagerComponent
Invert(out:Box2D.Common.Math:b2Mat22) — method, class Box2D.Common.Math.b2Mat22
IPBObject — Interface, package com.pblabs.engine.core
Interface for a named object that can exist in a group or set.
IPrioritizable — Interface, package com.pblabs.engine.core
Minimal interface required by SimplePriorityQueue.
IPropertyBag — Interface, package com.pblabs.engine.entity
Minimal interface for accessing properties on some object.
IQueuedObject — Interface, package com.pblabs.engine.core
An object which will be called back at a specific time.
IResourceProvider — Interface, package com.pblabs.engine.resource.provider
This interface should be implemented by objects that can provide resources to the resourceManager
isAnimating — Property, class com.pblabs.animation.Animator
Whether or not the animation is currently playing.
isAnyKeyDown() — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.PBE
Return true if any key is down.
isAnyKeyDown() — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.InputManager
Returns true if any key is down.
isAttribute(name:any) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.OrderedArray
IsBuffered() — method, class Box2D.Collision.b2Pair
isBullet — Property, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2BodyDef
IsBullet() — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2Body
IScene2D — Interface, package com.pblabs.rendering2D
Base interface for a 2d scene.
isCircle — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.SimpleShapeRenderer
If set, draw a circle.
IsConnected(other:Box2D.Dynamics:b2Body) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2Body
IScreen — Interface, package com.pblabs.screens
Interface for a screen which can be managed by the ScreenManager.
isDead — Property, class com.pblabs.components.basic.HealthComponent
isDead() — method, class com.pblabs.components.basic.HealthEvent
isDynamic(object:any) — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.serialization.TypeUtility
Determines if an object is an instance of a dynamic class.
IsDynamic() — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2Body
isEmpty() — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.SimplePriorityQueue
ISerializable — Interface, package com.pblabs.engine.serialization
Provides an interface for objects to override the default serialization behavior.
IsFinal() — method, class Box2D.Collision.b2Pair
isFinished — Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
IsFrozen() — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2Body
isImage() — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.loadingtypes.LoadingItem
Returns true if content is of type image.
isInPlayingSounds(sh:com.pblabs.sound:SoundHandle) — method, class com.pblabs.sound.SoundManager
isKeyDown(key:com.pblabs.engine.core:InputKey) — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.PBE
Return true if the specified key is down.
isKeyDown(keyCode:int) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.InputManager
Returns whether or not a specific key is down.
IsLimitEnabled() — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2PrismaticJoint
IsLimitEnabled() — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2RevoluteJoint
isLoaded — Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.loadingtypes.LoadingItem
A Boolean that indicates if the item is fully loaded and ready for consumption.
isLoaded — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.Resource
Whether or not the resource has been loaded.
isLoaded(filename:String, resourceType:Class) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.ResourceManager
Check if a resource is loaded and ready to go.
isLoaded — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.spritesheet.SWFSpriteSheetComponent
isLoaded — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.spritesheet.SpriteContainerComponent
True if the frames associated with this sprite container have been loaded.
isLoaded — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.spritesheet.SpriteSheetComponent
True if the image data associated with this sprite sheet has been loaded.
isLoader() — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.loadingtypes.LoadingItem
Returns true if uses a Loader instance internally.
IsLower() — method, class Box2D.Collision.b2Bound
IsMotorEnabled() — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2PrismaticJoint
IsMotorEnabled() — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2RevoluteJoint
ISoundHandle — Interface, package com.pblabs.sound
A reference to an actively playing sound.
ISoundManager — Interface, package com.pblabs.sound
Interface for sound managers.
ISpatialManager2D — Interface, package com.pblabs.rendering2D
Basic interface for 2D spatial database.
ISpatialObject2D — Interface, package com.pblabs.rendering2D
Object with extents and ability to be ray-casted.
isPixelPathActive(objectToScreen:flash.geom:Matrix) — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.BitmapRenderer
isPixelPathActive(objectToScreen:flash.geom:Matrix) — method, interface com.pblabs.rendering2D.ICopyPixelsRenderer
In some cases, you want to fall back to normal displayObject rendering.
isPlaying — Property, interface com.pblabs.sound.ISoundHandle
Returns whether or not this sound is currently playing
ISpriteSheetDivider — Interface, package com.pblabs.rendering2D.spritesheet
Base interface for descriptions about how frames are laid out in a sprite sheet.
isRegistered — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.entity.EntityComponent
Whether or not the component is currently registered with an entity.
isRegistered — Property, interface com.pblabs.engine.entity.IEntityComponent
Whether or not the component is currently registered with an entity.
IsRemoved() — method, class Box2D.Collision.b2Pair
isResourceKnown(uri:String, type:Class) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.provider.FallbackResourceProvider
This method will check if this provider has access to a specific Resource
isResourceKnown(uri:String, type:Class) — method, interface com.pblabs.engine.resource.provider.IResourceProvider
This method is called when the ResourceManager gets a load request for a resource and will check all known ResourceProviders if it has the specific resource
isResourceKnown(uri:String, type:Class) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.provider.ResourceProviderBase
This method will check if this provider has access to a specific Resource
isRunning — Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
A boolean indicating if the instace has started and has not finished loading all items
isSensor — Property, class Box2D.Collision.Shapes.b2ShapeDef
IsSensor() — method, class Box2D.Collision.Shapes.b2Shape
IS_SHIPPING_BUILD — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.PBE
Set this to true to get rid of a bunch of development related functionality that isn't needed in a final release build.
isSleeping — Property, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2BodyDef
IsSleeping() — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2Body
IsSolid() — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.Contacts.b2Contact
isSound() — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.loadingtypes.LoadingItem
Returns true if content is of type sound.
isSquare — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.SimpleShapeRenderer
If set, draw a square.
IsStatic() — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2Body
isStreamable() — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.loadingtypes.LoadingItem
Returns true if this loading type should allow it's content to be accessed as soon as the server response starts.
isSWF() — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.loadingtypes.LoadingItem
Returns true if content is of type movieclip.
IState — Interface, package com.pblabs.components.stateMachine
A state in a state machine.
isText() — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.loadingtypes.LoadingItem
Returns true if content is of type text.
isTicking — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.ProcessManager
Returns true if the process manager is advancing.
isTrigger — Property, class com.pblabs.box2D.CollisionShape
IsUpper() — method, class Box2D.Collision.b2Bound
IsValid() — method, class Box2D.Collision.b2AABB
IsValid() — method, class Box2D.Collision.b2Proxy
IsValid() — method, class Box2D.Common.Math.b2Vec2
isVideo() — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.loadingtypes.LoadingItem
Returns true if content is of type video.
isXML() — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.loadingtypes.LoadingItem
Returns true if content is of type xml.
items — Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
Returns a copy of all LoadingItem in this intance.
items — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.PBGroup
items — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.PBSet
itemsLoaded — Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
Number of items alrealdy loaded.
itemsLoaded — Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkProgressEvent
Number of items already loaded
itemsTotal — Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
Total number of items to load.
itemsTotal — Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkProgressEvent
Number of items to be loaded
IThinkingState — Interface, package com.pblabs.components.stateMachine
ITickedObject — Interface, package com.pblabs.engine.core
This interface should be implemented by objects that need to perform actions every tick, such as moving, or processing collision.
ITransition — Interface, package com.pblabs.components.stateMachine
Transition interface used by BasicState.
IUITarget — Interface, package com.pblabs.rendering2D.ui
Interface a UI element must implement to work with the DisplayObjectScene or its subclasses.
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