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r — Property, class Box2D.Common.b2Color
R — Property, class Box2D.Collision.b2OBB
R — Property, class Box2D.Common.Math.b2XForm
R — Constant Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.InputKey
r1 — Property, class Box2D.Dynamics.Contacts.b2ContactConstraintPoint
r2 — Property, class Box2D.Dynamics.Contacts.b2ContactConstraintPoint
radius — Property, class Box2D.Collision.Shapes.b2CircleDef
radius — Property, class com.pblabs.box2D.CircleCollisionShape
radius — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.SimpleShapeRenderer
The size of the shape in pixels.
rasterize() — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.spritesheet.SWFSpriteSheetComponent
Rasterizes the clip into an Array of BitmapData objects.
rasterizeFrame(mc:flash.display:MovieClip, frameIndex:int) — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.spritesheet.SWFSpriteSheetComponent
ratio — Property, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2GearJointDef
ratio — Property, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2PulleyJointDef
ratioLoaded — Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkProgressEvent
The ratio (0-1) loaded (number of items loaded / number of items total)
rawFrameCount — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.spritesheet.SpriteContainerComponent
The total number of frames the sprite container has.
rawString — Property, class br.com.stimuli.loading.utils.SmartURL
RayHitInfo — final class, package com.pblabs.rendering2D
Information about the results of a ray cast.
READY_EVENT — Constant Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.LevelEvent
This event is dispatched by the LevelManager when it is ready to be used.
READY_EVENT — Event, class com.pblabs.engine.core.LevelManager
red — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.modifier.ColorizeModifier
redraw() — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.SimpleShapeRenderer
Automatically called, but redraws the Sprite based on the user's settings.
reference — Property, class com.pblabs.animation.AnimatorComponent
A reference to the property that will be animated.
referenceAngle — Property, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2PrismaticJointDef
referenceAngle — Property, class Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2RevoluteJointDef
referenceCount — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.Resource
The number of places this resource is currently referenced from.
_referenceEdge — Property, class Box2D.Collision.Features
referenceEdge — Property, class Box2D.Collision.Features
Refilter(shape:Box2D.Collision.Shapes:b2Shape) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2World
RefilterProxy(broadPhase:Box2D.Collision:b2BroadPhase, transform:Box2D.Common.Math:b2XForm) — method, class Box2D.Collision.Shapes.b2Shape
ReflectionModifier — class, package com.pblabs.rendering2D.modifier
ReflectionModifier(heightPercentage:int) — Constructor, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.modifier.ReflectionModifier
refresh() — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.ui.PBButton
Applies all changes and updates appearance of the button.
refresh() — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.ui.PBLabel
Applies all changes and updates appearance of the label.
refresh() — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.ui.PBScrollBar
Applies all changes and updates appearance of the scroll bar.
register(owner:com.pblabs.engine.entity:IEntity, name:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.entity.EntityComponent
Registers the component with an entity.
register(owner:com.pblabs.engine.entity:IEntity, name:String) — method, interface com.pblabs.engine.entity.IEntityComponent
Registers the component with an entity.
registerCommand(name:String, callback:Function, docs:String) — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.debug.Console
Register a command which the user can execute via the console.
registerEntityCallback(name:String, callback:Function) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.TemplateManager
Register a callback-powered entity with the TemplateManager.
registerFlag(bitIndex:int, name:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.ObjectTypeManager
Forcibly register a specific flag.
registerForTicks — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.components.TickedComponent
Set to register/unregister for tick updates.
registerForUpdates — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.components.AnimatedComponent
Set to register/unregister for frame updates.
registerGroupCallback(name:String, callback:Function) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.TemplateManager
Register a function as a group.
registerInstantiator(typeName:String, instantiator:Function) — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.serialization.TypeUtility
Registers a function that will be called when the specified type needs to be instantiated.
registerListener(listener:com.pblabs.engine.debug:ILogAppender) — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.debug.Logger
Register a ILogAppender to be called back whenever log messages occur.
registerNewType(extension:String, atType:String, withClass:Class) — Static Method , class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
Register a new file extension to be loaded as a given type.
registerResource(filename:String, resourceType:Class, data:any) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.provider.EmbeddedResourceProvider
This method is used by the ResourceBundle and ResourceBinding Class to register the existance of a specific embedded resource
registerResourceProvider(resourceProvider:com.pblabs.engine.resource.provider:IResourceProvider) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.ResourceManager
Provide a source for resources to the ResourceManager.
registerScreen(name:String, instance:com.pblabs.screens:IScreen) — method, class com.pblabs.screens.ScreenManager
Associate a named screen with the ScreenManager.
registerType(type:Class) — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.PBE
Register a type with PushButton Engine so that it can be deserialized, even if no code directly uses it.
_registrationPoint — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectRenderer
registrationPoint — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectRenderer
The registration point can be used to offset the sprite so that rotation and scaling work properly.
registrationPointProperty — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectRenderer
If set, our registration point is gotten from this property every frame.
reload(key:any) — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
Forces the item specified by key to be reloaded right away.
remove(key:any, internalCall:Boolean) — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
This will delete this item from memory.
remove(body:Box2D.Dynamics:b2Body) — method, class com.pblabs.box2D.Box2DManagerComponent
remove(object:com.pblabs.engine.core:IPBObject) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.NameManager
Removes an object from the manager.
remove(typeName:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.ObjectType
Remove typeName from current ObjectType
remove(item:com.pblabs.engine.core:PBObject) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.PBSet
remove(obj:com.pblabs.engine.core:IPrioritizable) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.SimplePriorityQueue
Removes an item.
remove(dor:com.pblabs.rendering2D:DisplayObjectRenderer) — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectScene
remove(dor:com.pblabs.rendering2D:DisplayObjectRenderer) — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectSceneLayer
remove(dor:com.pblabs.rendering2D:DisplayObjectRenderer) — method, interface com.pblabs.rendering2D.IScene2D
Remove a DisplayObjectRenderer from the scene; all you normally have to do is clear scene on DisplayObjectRenderer, or destroy its owning entity, not call this directly.
Remove(point:Box2D.Collision:b2ContactPoint) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2ContactListener
Remove(point:Box2D.Collision:b2ContactPoint) — method, class com.pblabs.box2D.ContactListener
removeAll() — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
Deletes all loading and loaded objects.
removeAllLoaders() — Static Method , class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
Deletes all content from all instances of BulkLoader class.
removeAnimatedObject(object:com.pblabs.engine.core:IAnimatedObject) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.ProcessManager
Unregisters an object from receiving frame callbacks.
RemoveBufferedPair(proxyId1:int, proxyId2:int) — method, class Box2D.Collision.b2PairManager
removeCategory(category:String) — method, interface com.pblabs.sound.ISoundManager
If you wish to remove an existing category, removeCategory will do this for you.
removeCategory(category:String) — method, class com.pblabs.sound.SoundManager
removeComponent(component:com.pblabs.engine.entity:IEntityComponent) — method, interface com.pblabs.engine.entity.IEntity
Removes a component from the entity.
removeDisplayObject(dObj:flash.display:DisplayObject) — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.ui.FlexSceneView
removeDisplayObject(dobj:flash.display:DisplayObject) — method, interface com.pblabs.rendering2D.ui.IUITarget
Remove a display object as a child of this control.
removeDisplayObject(dObj:flash.display:DisplayObject) — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.ui.SceneView
removeEventListener(type:String, listener:Function, useCapture:Boolean) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.mxml.GroupReference
removeEventListener(type:String, listener:Function, useCapture:Boolean) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.mxml.LevelFileReference
removeEventListener(type:String, listener:Function, useCapture:Boolean) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.mxml.ResourceBinding
removeEventListener(type:String, listener:Function, useCapture:Boolean) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.mxml.TypeReference
removeFailedItems() — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
Removes all items that have not succesfully loaded.
removeFileReference(index:int, filename:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.LevelManager
Remove a file from a level number.
removeFromGroup(item:com.pblabs.engine.core:IPBObject) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.PBGroup
removeFromScene() — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectRenderer
removeGroupReference(index:int, name:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.LevelManager
Remove a group from a level number.
removeLevel(index:int) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.LevelManager
Removes the level with the specified index.
removeListeners() — method, class com.pblabs.engine.debug.LogViewer
removeMember(member:com.pblabs.engine.components:GroupMemberComponent) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.components.GroupManagerComponent
removePausedItems() — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
Removes all items that have been stopped.
removeResource(filename:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.serialization.Serializer
removeSoundHandle(sh:com.pblabs.sound:SoundHandle) — method, class com.pblabs.sound.SoundManager
removeSpatialObject(object:com.pblabs.rendering2D:ISpatialObject2D) — method, class com.pblabs.box2D.Box2DManagerComponent
removeSpatialObject(object:com.pblabs.rendering2D:ISpatialObject2D) — method, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.BasicSpatialManager2D
Remove a previously registered object from this manager.
removeSpatialObject(object:com.pblabs.rendering2D:ISpatialObject2D) — method, interface com.pblabs.rendering2D.ISpatialManager2D
Remove a previously registered object from this manager.
removeTickedObject(object:com.pblabs.engine.core:ITickedObject) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.ProcessManager
Unregisters an object from receiving tick callbacks.
removeTween(tween:com.pblabs.animation:Tween) — Static Method , class com.pblabs.animation.TweenController
removeXML(identifier:String) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.TemplateManager
Removes the specified object from the template manager.
RenderCacheKeyManager — final class, package com.pblabs.rendering2D
Helper class to manage RenderCacheKey values; basically just a global int that we can increment to get new values to trigger cache invalidation.
rendererList — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectSceneLayer
All the renderers in this layer.
_renderers — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectScene
renderKey — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectRenderer
Reference value used for sorting in some scenes.
renderPosition — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectRenderer
Where in the scene will this object be rendered?
repeatCount — Property, class com.pblabs.animation.Animator
The current number times the animation will be repeated.
report() — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.debug.Profiler
Dumps statistics to the log next time we reach bottom of stack.
Report(constraints:Array) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2Island
reporter — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.debug.LogEntry
The object that printed the message to the log.
reportMissingReferences() — method, class com.pblabs.engine.serialization.Serializer
Not all references are resolved immediately.
reportXMLPath(item:any) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.serialization.Serializer
Given an XML element, walk up its parent references and show the path in the document, including any name attributes.
reprioritize(obj:com.pblabs.engine.core:IPrioritizable, newPriority:int) — method, class com.pblabs.engine.core.SimplePriorityQueue
Reprioritizes an item.
reset() — method, class com.pblabs.animation.Animator
Resets the animation to all the values it had before it started playing.
reset() — method, class com.pblabs.engine.entity.EntityComponent
This is called by an entity on all of its components any time a component is added or removed.
reset() — method, interface com.pblabs.engine.entity.IEntityComponent
This is called by an entity on all of its components any time a component is added or removed.
Reset() — method, class Box2D.Collision.b2Manifold
Reset() — method, class Box2D.Collision.b2ManifoldPoint
resize() — method, class com.pblabs.engine.debug.LogViewer
resolveReferences() — method, class com.pblabs.engine.serialization.Serializer
resource — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.MovieClipRenderer
Loaded SWFResource
resource — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.SpriteRenderer
Loaded ImageResource
Resource — class, package com.pblabs.engine.resource
A resource contains data for a specific type of game asset.
ResourceBinding — class, package com.pblabs.engine.mxml
The ResourceBinding class is meant to be used as an MXML tag to embed resources in the project's resulting .swf file.
ResourceBundle — class, package com.pblabs.engine.resource
The resource bundle handles automatic loading and registering of embedded resources.
ResourceBundle() — Constructor, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.ResourceBundle
The constructor is where all of the magic happens.
resourceClass — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.mxml.ResourceBinding
The embed statement for the asset that is to be embedded.
ResourceEvent — class, package com.pblabs.engine.resource
A ResourceEvent is an Event used by a Resource to dispatch load status information.
ResourceEvent(type:String, resource:com.pblabs.engine.resource:Resource, bubbles:Boolean, cancelable:Boolean) — Constructor, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.ResourceEvent
resourceLoader — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.Resource
The Loader object that was used to load this resource.
_resourceManager — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.PBE
resourceManager — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.PBE
Returns the ResourceManager instance.
ResourceManager — class, package com.pblabs.engine.resource
The resource manager handles all tasks related to using asset files (images, xml, etc) in a project.
resourceObject — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.ResourceEvent
The Resource associated with the event.
ResourceProviderBase — class, package com.pblabs.engine.resource.provider
The ResourceProviderBase class can be extended to create a ResourceProvider that will auto register with the ResourceManager
ResourceProviderBase(registerProvider:Boolean) — Constructor, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.provider.ResourceProviderBase
resources — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.resource.provider.ResourceProviderBase
resourceType — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.mxml.ResourceBinding
The Resource subclass that should be created for this asset.
restitution — Property, class Box2D.Collision.b2ContactPoint
restitution — Property, class Box2D.Collision.Shapes.b2ShapeDef
restitution — Property, class Box2D.Dynamics.Contacts.b2ContactConstraint
restitution — Property, class com.pblabs.box2D.CollisionShape
restrict — Property, class com.pblabs.engine.debug.LogViewer
Result(point:Box2D.Dynamics.Contacts:b2ContactResult) — method, class Box2D.Dynamics.b2ContactListener
Result(point:Box2D.Dynamics.Contacts:b2ContactResult) — method, class com.pblabs.box2D.ContactListener
resume(key:any) — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
Resumes loading of the item.
_resume() — Static Method , class com.pblabs.engine.debug.Console
resume() — method, interface com.pblabs.sound.ISoundHandle
Resume playback paused with pause().
resumeAll() — method, class br.com.stimuli.loading.BulkLoader
Resumes all loading operations that were stopped.
RESURRECTED — Static Property, class com.pblabs.components.basic.HealthEvent
reverse() — method, class com.pblabs.animation.Animator
Reverses the animation, effectively setting the start value to the target value and the target value to the start value.
RIGHT — Constant Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.InputKey
RIGHT_BRACE — Constant Static Property, class com.adobe.serialization.json.JSONTokenType
RIGHT_BRACKET — Constant Static Property, class com.adobe.serialization.json.JSONTokenType
RIGHT_BRACKET — Constant Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.core.InputKey
rootCategory — Property, class com.pblabs.sound.SoundManager
_rootGroup — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.PBE
rootGroup — Static Property, class com.pblabs.engine.PBE
The root group; all sets and groups should be ultimately owned by this guy.
_rootPosition — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectScene
_rootRotation — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectScene
_rootSprite — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectScene
_rootTransform — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectScene
rotation — Property, class com.pblabs.box2D.Box2DSpatialComponent
_rotation — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectRenderer
rotation — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectRenderer
Rotation in degrees, with 0 being Y+.
rotation — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectScene
rotation — Property, interface com.pblabs.rendering2D.IMobileSpatialObject2D
Rotation getter.
rotation — Property, interface com.pblabs.rendering2D.IScene2D
Rotation in degrees about the center point of the scene.
rotation — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.SimpleSpatialComponent
_rotationOffset — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectRenderer
rotationOffset — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectRenderer
Rotation offset applied to the child DisplayObject.
rotationProperty — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.DisplayObjectRenderer
If set, rotation is gotten from this property every frame.
rotationSpeed — Property, class com.pblabs.rendering2D.Interpolated2DMoverComponent
How quickly will we turn towards our goal heading?
running — Property, class com.pblabs.animation.Tween
Indicates that the tween is running
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