ICachingLayer Interface for a scene layer which does caching and needs to know when a renderer has changed its state.
 ICopyPixelsRenderer This interface is implemented by objects that support a fast bitmap render path.
 ILayerMouseHandler Implemented by layers which do their own entities-under-point logic.
 IMobileSpatialObject2D Interface that provides mobile spatial information.
 IScene2D Base interface for a 2d scene.
 ISpatialManager2D Basic interface for 2D spatial database.
 ISpatialObject2D Object with extents and ability to be ray-casted.
 AnimationController Manage sprite sheet and frame selection based on named animation definitions.
 AnimationControllerInfo Information describing an animation, for use in an AnimationController.
 BasicSpatialManager2D Basic 2d spatial manager that stores everything in a list.
 BitmapDataScene A scene which draws to a BitmapData.
 BitmapRenderer Simple way to render a bitmap to a scene.
 DisplayObjectRenderer Base renderer for Rendering2D.
 DisplayObjectScene Basic Rendering2D scene; it is given a SceneView and some DisplayObjectRenderers, and makes sure that they are drawn.
 DisplayObjectSceneLayer Layer within a DisplayObjectScene which manages a list of DisplayObjectRenderers.
 Interpolated2DMoverComponent A simple spatial component which moves towards a goal point and heading.
 MovieClipRenderer Renderer which is for displaying MovieClips/SWFs and playing their animation correctly.
 RayHitInfo Information about the results of a ray cast.
 RenderCacheKeyManager Helper class to manage RenderCacheKey values; basically just a global int that we can increment to get new values to trigger cache invalidation.
 SceneAlignment Helper class for controlling alignment of scene relative to its position.
 SimpleShapeRenderer Draw a simple shape, a box or a circle, with color.
 SimpleSpatialComponent Very basic spatial component that exists at a position.
 SpriteRenderer Render Component that will load and render a ImageResource as a Sprite